A fun day had making oak hurdles

On Saturday 10th March we had a wonderful time with Owen Jones, swill basket maker extraordinaire, making some lovely new oak hurdles for use in our displays.

As a group we already use 5 oak hurdles that some of us made with Owen some 13/14 years ago at a youth heritage project. These work so well to create a barrier around our fire at events that we decided we could so with some more.

We approached Owen Jones at the Dickensian Festival to see if he could put on a workshop for us and he was happy to oblige.

Roll on a few months and we were on our way to his workshop to get hands on!

Bertram turning a wooden bowl on his pole lathe at an Iron Shepherds event

It was a cool and slightly wet Saturday morning as four of the group arrived. We were heartened to see that Owen had put up an awning outside for us and had a lovely fire going within his workshop beside 4 wonderful shave horses.

Coffee was made and biscuits were had before work began on our crafting adventure.

Owen showed us the process of how to make the hurdles before passing the reigns on to us to have a go. In pairs we split logs into sections before splitting them again, shaping them and creating the components we needed.

Lunch came and Owen invited us into his home for a lovely vegetable soup, bread and cheese. A well needed bit of sustenance after all our exertion during the morning.

After a nice relax and a lovely chat it was back to work shaving down our components and working the wood.

Eventually after much hard work we assembled our hurdles and were left with four similar but ultimately unique oak hurdles ready for use at our events (see mages below).

Those of us who finished early Owen very kindly allowed to make something else with Liam (Ralph) making a small bench and Stuart (Bertram) making a large maul/mallet.

We had such a wonderful day and we would like to say a huge thank you to Owen for putting on the workshop for us and for such a warm welcome, excellent hospitality and the fantastic knowledge he shared with us.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the new hurdles at our coming events!

Written by Bertram

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