Making a Horn Spoon, by Bertram

Recently I got some horn.

I had wanted four small cow horns to utilise but I ended up with three nice small horns and one huge horn! I did not expect this. As I had such a large horn and not much use for it I decided I would try out making a horn spoon. I've never done it before and am always willing to try new crafts at least once! So this is what I did:

Step 1

I took the large horn and cut it in half so I was left with two pieces. The top piece (the larger piece) I then cut in half length ways ready for boiling.

Fresh Horn

Step 2

I placed one half in a cauldron of boiling water over a fire. The heat from the water makes the horn become more flexible and able to be shaped, or in my case flattened out. Once it was hot enough I removed it from the water for flattening.

Boil Remove

Step 3

I put the horn on a flat piece of wood then popped half a log on top of it and applied pressure. This flattened the flexible horn which meant I could then use it for spoon making.

Press Horn Flat Horn

Step 4

Now the horn was flat I could start cutting a spoon shape. I did this using a hack saw and a coping saw to give me the rough shape.

Cut flat horn Final Shape

Step 5

Once cut I could use an abrasive material, like sandstone, to smooth the rough edges of the horn and polish it slightly. Once this was done I could then boil it again and shape the bowl of the spoon making a functional and usable utensil!

Sanding Horn

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